Friday, March 8, 2013

Simplifying and Letting Go - What I learned so far....

We must be willing to let go of the life we planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
~ Joseph Campbell

I found this quote today and it gave me a lot to think about.   Sometimes we are so focus on the every day sequences of our life that we let life past us by.    I catch myself often saying - "Some day I will ________", I'll be happy if I _______ (fill in the blanks).   Have you ever said these phrases?  

This one quote has resonated with me.  It got me thinking boy if I keep waiting for all these "What Ifs" I'll never get any where.   We are a society that is so focus on the future that we waste our lives saying those catch phrases (Some day, I'll be happy when).

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In the beginning of the year I promised myself that I was going to make a change things were going to be different.  We are already in the third month of this year and I can see so much potential by just following what the above quote says.  If I keep holding my breath for more money, a better job, a better relationship with family and friends I am going to be left standing in the same place.

So I've been working hard trying to better myself this year.  Trying to be more focus on what I have now and not so much on what I don't have.  I have to say that I've seen some changes in my life.   I am more present in my life and more grateful the things and people in my life.  When I first starting out on my journey of a better year I was a little afraid of what might pop up along the way, but I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised on all the gems I have found along my path.

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The path is a long one but I'm not worried at all because if I keep focusing on the important things like bringing order to my life, living in harmony with the people and things that are already in my life, by simplifying my life - only good things can come from that.  

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Instead of looking at what I don't have and feeling down about not having the most expensive car, not having all the money I want and not having the kind of relationships I want.  I am making a conscious effort to really enjoy what I have in my life now and it's working out great.  

I am declutter the house to bring order to it.   I am setting a side time to find out what makes me and family/friends happier.   I am living with what I have and those things mean more to me then the next shinny new thing I can get my hands on.

So I hope when you read this quote I brought you today,  my hope for all of you is that you start taking the time to stop and smell the roses, be focus on what is - not what could be. Because that my friends will come if you keep yourself focus on the present.


Friday, March 1, 2013

How to make your own craft table

Hi everyone - I am back with another video.  This one is regarding my craft table.   I received a request to show how my desk was made.

What can I say -  I am one lucky girl because my husband made this table for me about 5 years ago.   He basically made it from; 2x4s, stock molding, and eight organizational cubes(that I got from Michaels).  Since this was made over 5 years ago I wasn't able to film him putting it together, however,  I did manage to find a few pictures of him putting it together.  So I thought I would try to make a video to try to at least explain(to the best of my abilities - I am not handy with power tools or building things) how he actually put it all together.  So if you are interested in seeing this type of video please press play.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time - Bye