Thursday, April 25, 2013

To Blog on Blogger or not is the Question....

I started blogging here on Blogger in 2009 with my first blog "Carrie's Craftroom".  It all started by me wanting a place to share my crafting, however it turned into so much more.   Not only did I enjoyed sharing my crafts with everyone - I have learned so much too.  Also I have met so many sweet people here.

I'm not saying good-bye here, it's just that I have made a decision to move my blog to Wordpress.   The last couple months I have been researching Wordpress and blog designs,  blog themes,domain names and hosting companies.   I have to say that the pro's of having your own website far out weights the cons.   So I bit the bullet and made the move.

If you have enjoyed my blog in the past I am sure that you will love the new and improved blog on Wordpress.   My new blog's name is "My Housewife Advice".  I am still ironing out the kinks but feel free to stop by there and check it out.

So my friends here at Blogger it's been a great journey we had together and the fun doesn't have to stop here.  I still have so many ideas and projects that I would like to pass on so this is not the end of our journey.  I thought it would be fun to see where this blog has come from to where it is today, so I made this little video - I hope you enjoy it.