Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've decided to do something drastic!

This is my story of the nightmare I walked into yesterday,  The last few years I've prided myself on how well I've been keeping to my cleaning schedule  but I have something to confess to you.   While on the surface my house may seem clean it's only been an illusion.  That's right an illusion.  

Yesterday - I had errands to do and while I was at my last errand I locked my keys in my car.   Thank goodness it wasn't that far from the house just about a 2 mile walk.  Well I decided instead of calling for road side assistance I would walk home to get the spare keys.  After walking home in the wet, cold weather I proceeded to look for my spare keys.  I kept looking, and looking and  I came up empty handed. I couldn't find my keys to save my life. 

I stood there for a few minutes looking around my house and my house seemed to be in order - sinks where shinning,  dishes where in the dishwasher, a load of laundry was ready to be switched, floors were swept.  How could it be that the more I dug around for my keys I felt like my house was in disorder and why wasn't I able to find my keys. After all I have done everything the Fly Lady said to do.

Then I realized my house was only cleaned on the surface.  All those closets and drawers and fancy boxes where filled to the brim with clutter.  Uggh what can I say people I felt left down.  

So I've decided to do something really drastic I heard of  a challenge last year called the 48 bags in 48 days.  It's where you take one bag a day and get rid of all the clutter, all the things that you are holding onto but don't need to be holding on to.    I am in the process of going through all those nasty hiding grounds that clutter seems to be lurking and taking a big green bag with me to get rid of it all. 



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