Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scented Rice filled heating pad

How to make your own scented heating pad filled with rice

Material you will need
Some type of cotton or muslin fabric
Fabric for your pad cover ( I suggest to get soft material or if you want to save money use what you have laying around the house like cloth from an old pair of flannel pjs, or old sweet shirt)
Sewing machine
Uncooked rice ( you can also use beans too)
Scented oil (you can purchase this at your local Craft store)
Zip Lock Bag

Step one

Pick out the fabric for the heating pad cover (I used a soft fleece fabric that I got from JoAnn's Fabric).   You will also need some muslin for the pouch that holds the rice.

Step two
For casing that will hold your rice cut two piece of muslin to the size and shape you want.  I made mine a rectangle and cut two piece of muslin at 10" by 5".  I matched the two piece together and sewed up all four sides leaving about a two inch opening to pour the scented rice in.
For the cover of the heating pad I cut one piece at 10" by 5",  another piece of fabric at 4" by 5", and another piece at 6" by 5".     I matched right side of fabric together and pinned all three piece together.   Make sure that you pin the fabric where it overlaps (so that they are straight).  Then sew all four sides and turn fabric right side out.

Step three
In order to scent the rice I poured about 1/4 of uncooked rice into a zip lock baggie and dropped two to three drops of scented oil into the bag.  I then closed the zip lock bag and shake the bag to make sure to distribute the oil over as much of the rice as you can. ( I purchased my scented oil at Hobby Lobby)  TIP - you shouldn't have to use more than two drops of scented oil.   The saying a little goes a long ways applies here. 

After distributing the oil over the rice I filled my muslin casing with the rice and sewed up the opening using my sewing machine.

Step four

Place rice casing into the heating pad cover and then you are finished.

Tips and Warnings
  • To heat the fragrant pad, place it in a microwave oven for one to three minutes. If you desire moist heat, place a cup of water in the microwave while heating the pad.
  • Watch the fragrant pad while it's in the microwave. Some herbs or fillers may have a potential to smoke and may even catch fire

These are supper easy to make and are a great idea to give out as Christmas gifts.

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  1. What a great idea! This would be a wonderful gift, too!

  2. this is such a great idea, I can't wait to make some! (found you on Not Just a Housewife)


  3. This is great! I could really use one of these today!

  4. Great idea!!! I could use this every month haha. on my to-do list :)

    I'd love for you to link this up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday! http://mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/2011/11/your-whims-wednesday-32-and-features.html

  5. So that is how you make a microwavable heating pad from home. That is really cool and very interesting as well. I never thought of making one myself. I would always just purchase one from the store. I like those ones, because I know that they are well made and that I didn't try and make it myself.

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  7. My grandma has one of these and she loves it. My favorite thing is to go over to her house on a cold stormy night heat up her rice pouch and watch TV with her. I always wondered how to make it so I'm really glad I came across this post today. http://sunshine-pillows.com/heating_pads.php

  8. Thank you for such an easy to follow tutorial. Very quick to make... my mum is going to love it!