Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween around our house.

What I want to remember about this Halloween ......

How much my daughter just loves Halloween.   She loves everything about it no doubt.  From picking out her costume, decorating the house, picking out the perfect pumpkin, and craving the pumpkins.  I think that she was counting down the days till Halloween since the beginning of Sept.

As I was standing there waiting for the school costume parade to start I realized that I only have one more year of all these fun activities left.   After next year she will be in middle school and they don't have classroom parties or parades.   I guess I will have to cherish this last year.

School's mascot

Also while the parade was going on in my mind I was missing the fact that my son wasn't here.  This is the first Halloween we were a part, since he left for college.  Then I started to wonder what his plans were but thank goodness I had the parade going on so I quickly stopped thinking of that.

My daughter was so patiently waiting for her friends to come by and pick her up and I snuck this shot in above.  When I look at this picture I thought gez where does the time go.   She has grown up so fast.  Maybe I was thinking this way because my daughter and her friends where trying to convince me that they could go alone this year. (NOT going to happen).

I can't believe I didn't get one picture of the whole group this year.   I was so busy handy out candy that I totally let my opportunity slip away.  Besides as soon as my husband pulled in the drive way the group was so ready to get on their way.   Which left me there at the house to hand out candy.  It felt weird not going along with the girls this year but I was so thankful my husband volunteered to go this year since it was a little chilly out.

As usually my daughter tricked and treated until she was dead tired.   I wondered how the teacher were going to handle these kids the next morning and I remembering how I felt sorry for them.  Well Halloween is over and almost all my decorations have been put away on to the next holiday.


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  1. Hi Carrie, Thanks for sharing your Halloween. I enjoyed seeing how it's done. Does that make sense? I had to sneak over to our neighbour, give them the "candy" (we call them Lollies here) & then take my dd over to them when we got home from shopping. Australia isn't really into Halloween yet. But it's slowly gaining popularity here xoxoxoxo