Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Update - Christmas Planner

Some of you might remember my post on October 22nd where I talked about my Christmas planner.

After years of being over whelmed by the holiday season.  I decided something had to change.  I looked for sources to help me organize my lists, receipts, gift ideas, Christmas cards list and etc.   I found  That's when things change for the good.

I don't know if anyone else was like me but in the past  I was constantly making lists and forgetting where I put them.  I was forgetting to pick up gifts, and doing my Christmas cards each year was a chore.   That's until I started using this Christmas planner. Having one place to go to instead of lists all over the place has definitely helped cut down on the stress.  I finally put together this year's planner and thought you might want to take a peek.  

My Christmas Planner

If you would like to use the free down loadable forms that I used in my Christmas planner check out  my October's 22nd post where I give you the website address. Christmas should be enjoyable and stress free.


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