Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adventures of Penny our elf

Penny Adventures this week ....

Penny took on my elf decoration in a shoe race in  the beginning of the week.  As you can see
Penny was way out in front and she won the race hands down.

The next day Penny decided to strap on some skies and pile up a bunch of our couch pillows and had fun skiing down.  I love how she used candy canes for her ski poles.

Penny and friends were bored and decided to play clue.  My daughter is still wondering what character Penny used.

Penny had a sick day on Thursday.  Poor thing.  She didn't do to much but laid around and take medicine that day.

Penny bounced back from her cold on Friday and decided to hold a scavenger hunt for my daughter.  The note above says, "Ready to find my surprise for you, here's your first clue".  It was so fun.  She had my daughter running all over the house.  She even left a note on my daughter's bed saying you know you should make your bed this next clue will be harder on you.   At the end of the scavenger hunt Penny left a small present hidden in our Christmas tree for my daughter.

On Saturday Penny gave my daughter an elf candy cane garden packet.   She left what look like to me and my daughter a bag of oatmeal and a crushed up peppermint candy and instructions saying to plant the candy cane seeds in the North Pole dirt, give it a few drizzles of water and watch it grow.
All day my daughter kept on checking to see if anything grew but nothing happen.  Hmmm is this a trick my daughter wondered.

To our amazement it was not a trick.  We woke up Sunday morning with Penny sitting on the bowl and Three huge candy cane containers filled with M&Ms.   My daughter was laughing so hard. She thought for sure Penny was playing a joke on her yesterday, but she was glad she didn't.

We are coming down the home stretch this week, so stay tuned to find out what Penny will do next.

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