Monday, December 5, 2011

Adventures of Penny the Elf


Thanks for checking back in.  I have to say that our darling little elf has been keeping herself very busy lately.  You ask what has she been up to?  Well lets see .....

She took over my daughter's bedroom while she was at school and even made a little sign to let my daughter know what she had in mind.

Then there was a time that I came down into the kitchen in the morning to find her ,,,,,,

yes that's right that's her riding my daughters stuff Rudolph and if you are thinking to yourself is she tied to the ceiling fan you would have guest right.   I'm telling you it's been really hard to keep up with this elf.  It seems that she gets bored and finds different ways to amuse herself.

She also has embarrassed my daughter by

hanging my daughter's underwear on our Christmas tree.  My daughter keeps telling me that I shouldn't get mad at Penny that she only trying to keep herself busy so she doesn't miss the North Pole and I guess she has a point there but really how much more can this elf possibly do??????

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