Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Goodbye Cricut

Hello Cameo Silhouette!

Well Happy Birthday to myself people!   Goodbye Cricut - Hello Cameo Silhouette !  Yes that's right I am joining in on the band wagon.  Happily hopping on it I guess you can say.   My Cameo should be arriving here sometime next week and I'm so excited.   Prior to me buying my Cricut I owned the original Silhouette, however, I hated the fact that it couldn't cut anything bigger than a 6 x 12 image.  So I ditch my beloved Silhouette and hopped on the Cricut band wagon.  I thought I would be satisfied with the Cricut but to tell you the truth I was always looking back at my Silhouette wishing it would grow.  I wasn't really thrilled with how Cricut cuts small images and I always loved the idea of buying individual images rather than a cartridge which I almost always only liked a few images that were on the cartridge any ways.   I miss checking out what Kerry Bradford was up to on her blog and store too.   Well I don't have to worry about that any more thank haven for that.   Let the count down begin!!!!!  

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