Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everything has a Place

Today I am here to share with you some organization tips that work for my family.

There is help out there

I love to be organized.  I love the sense of being in control especially when it comes to my home.  I wish I could say that I always felt that way but sadly that wasn't the case for me.   I struggled to keep my house clean and organized.  That's until that one day that I came across a website called Fly Lady. 

It's a website that gives you tips on how to organize and clean your house.   I used to wait and clean my whole house on the weekends which was sometimes a very overwhelming feeling.   I learned that if you divide your home into zones and assign your cleaning chores a specific day things were less overwhelming. 

In the beginning I used to follow the Fly Lady's rules to the "T" but that is not the case any more I have moved on and made my own schedules.   Looking back now I am so glad that I found her website.

Everything has a  Place and There is a Place for Everything

Do you have a certain place in your house that it seems that your family loves to dump and run.  What I mean is a place where things just accumulates for no apparent reason.    Well I do.  That place is the built in desk in my kitchen.   It's next to my refrigerator and it seems to be a very fond place for my family to dump things on and forget about them especially paper work. That's until I found this.

I found this at Target and it's has helped me cut down on all the paper that comes into my house on daily basis.   This has magnets on the back of it so I bought two of these and hung them on my refrigerator.  Each person has a slot and when paper work starts piling up on my desk.  I can easily sort the paper work by person.   Sounds great right but I didn't stop there.  I made a rule that each Friday each person needed to empty their slots and now my desk is no longer a dumping ground.

Hope these tips can help.


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