Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween decorating Inspiration

Looking for some Halloween decorating inspiration?    Well here was my dilemma.


Boring right?  I need something to spruce up this side of my porch for Halloween.  So while looking on line for some inspirations I came across the neat blog call Chapman Place and came across these cute pillows.

I knew once I saw these I had to try to make them for myself.  So off  I went to Jo Ann Fabric to pick up some cute fabric.  Oh and by the way on Chapman Place she has a step by step tutorial on how to make the above pillows.   Here is a list of supplies you will need for this project.

List of Materials Needed for this Project

Fabric (I got about a yard of each fabric)
Matching thread
Pillow forms/stuffing
Krylon Glitter Spray
Tacky Glue
Cricut Machine/or some type of Die Cutter

I followed the instructions for the Trick or Treat pillow off of Chapman Place blog, but the only thing I changed up was for the Boo pillow.   I cut the letters for Boo out of left over black fabric I had laying around on my Cricut machine.  I suggest that when you cut fabric on your Cricut to put your speed setting on low, pressure setting on high, and your blade on six.   Here how they turned out.

Cute right?  I suggest if you have time to check out Chapman Place, she has a whole bunch of fun projects over there that I know you will love.

Well Happy Halloween decorating everyone.


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