Monday, October 17, 2011

Wait - Is that Me???

I am so excited !  I won a spot in Scraphic Design: Core class with Tiffany Tillman from Cathy Zielske's.   I had to take a double take when reading the winners, because I usually never win anything.  It felt so good to see my name announce.   Just to walk you through my thought process while reading the winner announcement.


First winner's name: Erin who won Katrina Kennedy's workshop.  My reaction " Oh how nice for her".

Second winner's name : Carrie won Scraphic Design Core class.  My reaction " Oh wow someone has the same name as me.  Wait a minute I think that is me, no it couldn't be me I never win,  Oh wait I think it is me I remember writing that comment, but is it really me.   OMG it is me.  

You get the picture right.   I want to thank both Cathy and Tiffany for their generosity.  I am so excited and looking forward to it.


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