Friday, October 7, 2011

Just being Silly

True Story:

Yesterday was my usually errand day, picking up things, dropping things off.  So during my rounds of picking up things I stopped at my local Family Dollar store.   I don't know why but every time I get to the registered to pay for my things I get so excited that everything is a DOLLAR.   I know that lately stores haven't been keeping large inventories since the economy is the way it is.   Chances are that there will be time I go to the store to find out they have run out of things but imagine my surprise when I got to my Family Dollar store yesterday to find out that they ran out of  ??   wait for it ....


I went through the store and picked all of my items and took them to the cash register to pay for them. The young girl checked me out and gave me my total due ($13).   I dug in my wallet and pulled out a ten and five dollar bill and handed it to her.  When I looked up from putting my wallet back in my purse she had a horrible expression on her face so I asked her what was wrong and she said that she couldn't give me my change back.   When I asked why she said they ran out of dollars.   I said to her, but you're the dollar store.  With that everyone who was behind me and the cashier started to laugh.


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