Thursday, October 27, 2011

Projects, Projects everywhere

I think I need to take a break from Pinterest for awhile, because I came up with yet another project that I would love to do.   My list of projects is growing so much but how can I pass this one up???  From Brassyapple blog.

Looks like I'll be going by Good Will again looking for some sweaters.   Oh and Brassy Apples has a step by step tutorial how to make these pillows just click on the above link for instructions.

Remember I wanted to try this project out too.  Well I found a much easier process to achieve the same results.  I have all my material to start this project , all I have to do is get my pictures sized and take them to get them printed on a laser copier.  Ink jet copies won't work.

I have seen these Styrofoam cones covered in fabric for years and have always wanted to make a set of them for myself.  I finally have all the material to make these too.  

I am in the middle of this cute wreath too.  Didn't think that it was going to take that long to make, boy was I wrong stay tune to see the finish results.

Needless to say with all these projects up in the air my craft room is a mess.   I can't work like that so in the mist of working on a few of these projects I will have to declutter my mess in there.


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  1. Yay another Addict just like me. My to do list is way too long as well - but at least you have found some time to start yours lol xoxoxoxoxo