Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Top five Organizing Tips

Top five organizing tips

1. Make a daily to-do list and follow it.

I'm a list maker.  Yes I get pleasure from crossing things off my list.  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Also, it helps me prioritize what needs to get done right now.  Every time I start my list for the next day I always ask myself if I only can get to one thing today what's the most important thing I need to do. 

2. Have a place for everything.

Try to store things near where you use them and store similar things together. For things that are used in more than one place such as light bulbs, paper towel, cleaning products I usually get duplicate items and keep them where I use them.  For example I have two cleaning baskets that holds all my bathroom cleaning products one for upstairs and one downstairs.  That way I have things there when I need it.

3. Make a cleaning schedule.

Each day of the week I have assigned a cleaning task and I have a monthly list for things that are not needed to be cleaned every day.  Divide your home up into zones and list everything that needs to be done and then assign a day to do those cleaning task.   Here's a peek into my cleaning schedule

Monday's -  Dusting (dust everything upstairs and downstairs,  Run errands (dry cleaning, post office and etc).

Tuesday's - Vacuum the entire upstairs rooms.

Wednesday's -  Vacuum/sweep/mop the entire downstairs.

Thursday's -  Empty all the waste basket through out the house, Laundry

Friday's -  Clean all the bathrooms in the house.

Saturday's -  Change all the linens.

Sunday's - Meal planning and organize coupons, make a grocery list

 Every day tasks:  Clean off counter tops, swish all the toilets, clean dishes, sort through mail, pick up clutter,  clean sinks.

Since using this schedule I have been able to manage my cleaning tasks and I am less overwhelmed.  Plus I don't mind when the door bells rings when I wasn't expecting anyone.

4. Clean as you go.

This is a great habit … instead of having big cleaning binges, clean things as you go. Done using some dishes? Wash them right away. Clean the toilet when you finish using it, so it never gets dirty.

My dream Landing stripe.

5. Create a landing strip.

Have a place set up so that each family member has a place to put things as soon as they come through the door.  Have somewhere for kids to put back packs, paper work, shoes, coats, keys, and etc. This way it doesn’t get tossed on our counter or table, and we never have to look for it or forget it when we leave because it's in their landing strip.

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  1. Carrie what a great idea. I am so going to have to try this at our house xoxoxoxoxo