Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Decorations for only $5.00

Happy Thanksgiving Pillows

Here is a good way to make decorative holiday pillows reasonably.   I stopped by my local Good Will store and I picked up a men's suit jacket and two button down shirt to  make these pillows.  It was a fast and easy project. 


Men's suit (bought at Good Will for $1.00)
button's (actually I took the buttons off the suit)
Men's button down shirt (bought at Good Will)
Pillow stuffing
tacky glue
Can you believe this only cost me $1.00

I made a pattern of two circles and one tear drop shape and trace it onto the fabric

I used tacky glue to tack the fabric down so I could so it down to pillow front

And here's the finish product.  The pillow in the back was made from button down shirt.
The Turkey pillow was made from men's suit and some extra stripped fabric I had
I also used I white button down shirt to sew the turkey onto.

Again all together this project cost me $5.00 and I got four pillows from one men's suit jacket and two men's button down shirts.  

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  1. love this! would be so cute on a shirt...